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the story of bandung

Bandung is the capital of West Java province. The city is the fourth largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta, Surabaya, and Medan, according to Central Bureau of Statistics. The city is also the second largest metropolitan city in Indonesia after Jakarta. Bandung also gave birth to many famous musicians, so the Bandung got the nickname City of Musicians. In ancient times it was known as Parijs van Java (Dutch) or "Paris of Java" and never intended to be the capital of the Dutch East Indies. Bandung is located in the highlands, so that more cool air when compared to other big cities in Indonesia.

Bandung save history is important for Indonesia. In this city stands the first engineering college in Indonesia (Technische Hoogeschool, now ITB), a site of battles during the Revolution of Independence, and also become the venue for the Asian-African Conference in 1955, a meeting that voiced the spirit of anti-colonialism, and even the Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru in his speech said that Bandung is the capital city of the Asia-Africa. Bandung is one of the main destinations of tourism and education.

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* 1 Etymology
* 2 Flag

* 3 History
* 4 Geography
* 5 List of Mayors
* 6th Place - Historic Places
* 7 Education
o 7.1 Secondary Schools
07.02 o Higher Education
* 8 Object Object
* 9 Transportation Facilities
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* 10 Culinary
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The word "Bandung" is derived from the word weir or dam because terbendungnya Citarum river by the lava of Mount Tangkuban Perahu ago to form a lake. Legends told by old people in Bandung, said that the name "Bandung" is taken from a water vehicle which consists of two boats tied up alongside a boat called bandung used by the Regent of Bandung, RA Wiranatakusumah II, to navigate to the Ci Tarum in finding the locus of a new district to replace the old capital in Dayeuhkolot.


Flag Bandung

The flag used by the city of Bandung is based on the Decree While the Regional Representatives Council Big City Bandung on June 8, 1953, No. 9938/53.

Form of the flag is as stated in the dictum of the above decision as follows:

1. The flag used by the Big City Bandung is the third field horizontal lines, each row from top to bottom in green, yellow, and blue.
2. Comparisons between the width and the lines under the letter 'a' sequence from top to bottom is 2:1:1.
3. Comparisons between different length and width 7:5.

Reference: Flag of Bandung


* 1488 - Bangalore was established as part of the Kingdom of Pajajaran [citation needed].
* 1799 - VOC into bankruptcy so that the territory in the archipelago was taken over by the Dutch government. At that time led by the Regent of Bandung R.A. Wiranatakusumah II.
* 1808 - Herman Willem Dutch raised Daendels as Governor-General in the archipelago after the departure of the VOC.
* 1809 - Regent ordered the transfer of capital from the region Karapyak Cikapundung and Andawadak (Tanjungsari) [citation needed]
* 1810 - Daendels stick stuck on the side opposite Cikapundung the plaza now. "Zorg, dat als ik terug een hier im STAD is gebouwd!" (Try, if I come back here, a city has been built! "). Now the place was a focal point or KM 0 city of Bandung.
* May 25, 1810 - Daendels request Parakanmuncang regent of
Bandung and moved the capital to the region.
* 25 September 1810 - Daendels migration decree issued capital of Bandung and Syria as well as the appointment of Raden Patih Parakanmuncang. Since the 25 September events were used as the anniversary of Bandung and RA Wiranatakusumah as the founding father. Now replace the name immortalized Cipaganti street, where residential areas became regent when the capital moved to the plaza now.
* March 24, 1946 - burning of Bandung by the freedom fighters known as the 'Bandung Sea of Fire' and immortalized in the song "Halo-Halo Bandung".
* 1955 - Asian-African Conference was held on April 18, 1955 in Gedung Merdeka formerly named "Concordia" which is located on Jl. Asia and Africa, across from the Hotel Savoy Homann.
* 2005 - Asian-African Summit 2005
* In the year 2006 awarded the city of Bandung from the government's dirtiest, this is closely related to the emergency status of garbage dumps in Bandung during the year.


Bandung is located at coordinates 107 ° E and 6 ° 55 'latitude. Bandung Area is 16 767 hectares. The city is geographically located in the middle of West Java province. Thus, Bandung has a strategic value to the surrounding areas.

Bandung city is situated at an altitude of ± 768 m above sea level on average (mean sea level). Areas north of the city of Bandung in general higher than the southern regions. The average altitude in the north is ± 1050 asl, while in the southern part is ± 675 asl. Bandung is surrounded by mountains that create a kind of basin Bandung (Bandung Basin).

Bandung city two main rivers flowing through, namely Citarum River Cikapundung River and its tributaries children who generally flows to the south and meet in the Citarum River. With such conditions, south of Bandung is very susceptible to flooding problems.
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Big cities in Indonesia
City Population City Population
1 Jakarta DKI Jakarta, Bandung 8839247
7 of Bandung, Semarang, Central Java 1,352,869
2 Surabaya, East Java, West Java 2,611,506 1,339,263 8 Depok
3 Bandung, West Java, South Sumatra, Palembang 2.28857 million 9 1323169
4 Medan North Sumatra South Tangerang Banten 2,029,797 10 1,241,441
5 Bekasi West Java, Makassar, South Sulawesi 1,940,308 1,168,258 11
6 Tangerang Banten, West Java Bogor 1,451,595 12 891 467
Source: Site CityPopul
List of Mayors

Name a name that had served as Mayor of Bandung [1].

* E.A. Maurenbrecher (1906-1907) assistent-resident
* R.E. Krijboom (1907-1908) assistent-resident
* J.A. Van Der Ent (1909-1910) assistent-resident
* J.J. Verwijk (1910-1912) assistent-resident
* C.C.B. Vlenier van (1912-1913) and B. Bijveld van (1913-1917) assistent-resident
* B. Coops (1917-1920)
* S.A. Reitsma (1920-1921)
* B. Coops (1921-1928)
* Ir. J.E.A. van Volsogen Kuhr (1929-1935)
* Mr. J.M. Wesselink (1935-1937)
* N. Beets (1937-1942)
* R.A. Atmadinata (1945-1946)

* R. Sjamsurizal
* Ir. Ukar Bratakusumah (1946-1949)
* R. Enoch (1949-1956)
* R. Priatna Kusumah (1956-1966)
* R. Didi Djukardi (1966-1968)
* R. Sukarmadidjaja Hidayat (1968-1971)
* R. Otje Djundjunan (1971-1976)
* H. Utju Djoenaedi (1976-1978)
* R. Wangsaatmadja Husein (1978-1983)
* H. Ateng Wahyudi (1983-1993)
* H. Rev. Hamidjaja (1993-1998)
* H. Aa Tarmana (1998-2003)
* H. Dada Rosada, SH, M. Si (2003-2013)

Places - Historic Places
Jalan Asia-Africa.
On this road there is the building housing the Asian-African Conference 1955
Jalan Asia-Africa

Bandung is known by a large number of old buildings berasitektur Netherlands, among others:

* Gedung Sate, now serves as the office of West Java Provincial Government.
* Gedung Merdeka and the Asian-African Museum, the venue for the Asian-African Conference in 1955.

* Post Office Building in Bandung
* Pakuan Building, now the official residence of the Governor of West Java;
* Monuments Bandung Sea of Fire, where the memorial Bandung Sea of Fire;
* Building Indonesia sued, where Ir. Pledoinya deliver phenomenal Sukarno (Indonesia Sue) in the Dutch colonial period;
* House Cultural Center Foundation;
* Museum of Geology of Bandung;
* Museum wangsit Siliwangi Mandala;
* Institute of Technology;
* Building Color Dwi;
* Villa Isola, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI);
* Hall Station, train station;
* Braga
* Bosscha Observatory in Lembang;

Secondary Schools

Bandung has 52 junior high schools (SMP), Home Affairs, 27 senior high schools (SMA) State, two of Madrasah Aliyah (MA) State, and has 16 Vocational Secondary School (SMK) State with a variety of majors or courses of study.
[Edit] Higher Education

Many leading universities are located in Bandung, such as Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), which was founded by the Dutch colonial government at the turn of the 20th century. Soekarno, the first president of the Republic of Indonesia, had attended the ITB. Several other universities, among others, as follows.

* Institute
o Telkom Management Institute
o Institute of Technology Bandung
o Telkom Institute of Technology
o National Institute of Technology
o National Institute of Technology Expectations
o Institute of Domestic Government
o Institute of Islamic Affairs

* University
o University of Padjadjaran
o University of Education Indonesia
o Pasundan University
o Faculty
o The Islamic University of Nusantara
o Maranatha Christian University
o Bandung Islamic University
o Indonesian Adventist University
o University Langlangbuana
o University of Bandung Raya
Universitas Jenderal Achmad Yani o
o University Winaya Mukti
o University IPTN
o University Widyatama
o University of Al-Ghifari
o University of Ars International
o National University
o National University Ypkkp
o University Computer Indonesia

* High School
o College of Textile Technology, Ministry of Industry
o High School Musical Bandung
o High School of Information Management & Computer Likmi
o High School of Information Management & Computer Indonesia Mandiri
o High School of Information Management & Computer AMIK BANDUNG
o High School of Information Management & Computer Bandung
o School of Economics Pasundan
o School of Economics STAN Indonesia Mandiri
o High School Design Indonesia (STDI)
o High School of Art and Design Indonesia (STISI)
o High School of Science and Technology of Indonesia (ST-Inten)
o College of Tourism (NHI)
o High School of Tourism AKTRIPA
o Telkom Business Management College
o High School of Social Welfare (STKS), Bandung
o High School Seni Indonesia (STSI) Bandung
o Foreign Language High School Yapari-ABA
o High School of Information Management & Computer Science (STMIK) LPKIA
o Mandala Technology High School (STTM)
o School of Economics Dharma countries (DNBS)
o Computer Information Management School of State Dharma

* Polytechnic

o Polytechnic of Bandung Akmb
o Al Islam Bandung Polytechnic
Ganesha Bandung Polytechnic o
o Polytechnic of Garuda Nusantara Bandung
o Polytechnic of Mining Geology "AGP"
o Polytechnic Indonesian Japanese
o Industry And Commerce Bandung Polytechnic
o Polytechnic Computer And Commerce LPKIA / PKNLPKIA
o Polytechnic of Bandung Kencana
o Polytechnic of Bandung Kridatama
o Polytechnic of Bandung Lp3i
o Manufacturing Polytechnic Bandung
o Manufacturing Polytechnic Igasa Pindad
o Politeknik Negeri Bandung
o Pajajaran Insan Love Nations Polytechnic Bandung
o Ganesh Polytechnic Piksi
o Politeknik Pos Indonesia
o Polytechnic of Bandung Practitioner
o Polytechnic Rosda
o Telkom Polytechnic
Karya Bhakti Polytechnic Winaya o
o AMIK Academic Information Management & Computer
o AMIK Al Ma'soem Bandung

Object Object

* Nature Tourism in the area south of Bandung, Bandung North;
* Factory outlets in Jl. Riau and Dago.
* Saung Angklung Udjo
* Cihampelas and Cibaduyut Shopping Centre.
* Culinary tours in North Bandung and Lembang area;
* Cultural tourism Udjo Saung Angklung Saung Angklung Udjo Padasuka 118.
* Natural attractions LOCT (Leuwi opat Curug tilu) at close to major tourist attractions parompong Curug cimahi

Another interesting activity that is currently the latest style of its own in the community is to visit the center of used goods in Pasar Gede Bage, Dalem Kaum area, and several shops that specifically provides second-hand goods at cheap prices, such as: Babe, Rasek, etc. . And there are also places that provide goods at a price that is cheaper and usually the goods can be purchased in bulk, such as: New Market (around the Square of Bandung), Andir Market, Etc. It also can visit the shops shoes and bags in Bandung, such as Elizabeth, Edward Forrer, Regions Cibaduyut, etc..
Transportation Infrastructure
Towns and City Bus Transportation

Bandung residents typically use the public transportation or public transportation is more familiarly known as the transportation within the city. In addition, city bus transportation is also a citizen, especially in major streets and for long routes.
In Bandung already constructed path TMB (Metro Trans Bandung). Special bus lines serving the special buses with-Cibeureum Cibiru majors. TMB-Hatta Soekarna across the street from the east end (Cibiru) to the west end (Cibeureum) in Bandung, And now it began operations


Bandung has an airport, the Airport Bandung Husein Sastranegara connecting with other cities in Indonesia (Surabaya, Denpasar, Manado, Yogyakarta, Batam and Medan) and also routes overseas routes Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and Singapore.


Bandung also has the two largest railway stations, namely

* Bandung Station every day serving the route Bandung-Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Semarang to Executive Class, Business and commuter trains.
* Station Kiaracondong for Economy Class and commuter trains.

Apart from two earlier pieces station, there are five other railway stations in Bandung, namely Cimindi, Andir, Ciroyom, Cikudapateuh, and Gedebage.
[Edit] Infrastructure

Road infrastructure in the city of Bandung, among others, Pasupati Bridge that connects the north and east of the city of Bandung. The bridge across the valley Cikapundung. 2.8 km in length and width of 30-60 m. On June 25, 2005 the bridge was officially opened. This bridge is intended to become a land mark the new city of Bandung.

Bandung can also be reach via the highway that connects all Padaleunyi Padalarang, Cimahi, Bandung, south, and Cileunyi. Furthermore, the highway that connects Padalarang and Purwakarta (Cipularang: Cikampek-Purwakarta-Padalarang) were constructed. Cipularang highways combined with all Padaleunyi and named Purbaleunyi (Purwakarta-Bandung-Cileunyi). Shorten the road traveling between Jakarta and Bandung. Given this point, the travel time from Jakarta to Bandung is only 1.5 hours up to 2 hours. The toll road that connects Cileunyi-Sumedang-Dawuan (Cisumdawu) and Pasir Koja-Soreang also being considered for development.


Bandung, a city of culinary diversity. Almost all of the national grain until the international flavor can be found. Here are some popular culinary places in Bandung:

* Batagor Kingsley
* Murtabak San Francisco
* Warung Lela
* Amanda Brownies
* Surabi Imut
* Batagor Riri
* Cafeteria Ceumar
* Canteen Rice bats
* Peuyeum
* Brownies Kartika Sari
* Cendol
* Surabi
* Oncom
* Fried Tempeh
* Peuyeum Bandung
* Colenak (Dicocol delicious) or in Sundanese as "Beuleum peuyeum digulaan".
* Steamed Brownies (Brownies Amanda)
* Cireng Fill (made from sago with various contents therein, such as: cheese, Oncom, meat, etc.)
* Karedok
* Lotek
* Rujak
* Cotton candy
* Lahang
* Laksa
* Satay
* Fried Rice
* Bandrek
* Bajigur
* Glutinous Fuel
* Bandros
* Ciu
* Katimus
* Brownies Bake (Kartika Sari)
* Bala-bala
* Gehu

Club sports

* Persib Bandung (football club) is playing in the Super League competition (Indonesia) 2008-2009
* Bandung Raya (football) are playing in Division 3 competition Liga Indonesia 2008
* Saint Prima F.C. (Football) are playing in Division 3 competition Liga Indonesia 2008
* 007 F.C. (Football) are playing in Division 3 competition Liga Indonesia 2008
* Garuda Flexi (basketball) who played in the IBL competitions
* SGS Electric (badminton)
* Scorpio (basketball)

Fraternal Cities

* Cities that want to work with Bandung to be a Sister City is
o The Suwon, South Korea
o Fort Worth, United States
o Braunschweig, Germany
o Yingko, China
o Luizhou, China
o Bari, Italy
o Bega Valley, Australia
o New South Wales
o Hamamatsu, Japan
o Topolcianky, Slovakia
o Cebu, Philippines

PLTSa Bandung

In 2009, the plan Rubbish Power Center (PLTSa) in Gedebage be completed. But residents protested the construction of PLTSa time because of less favorable. However, after a couple Dada Rosada and Ayi Vivanda win in Bandung in 2008 PLTSa Pilwalkot not be built.
[Edit] Notes

1. ^ Http://www.bandung.go.id/?fa=pemerintah.detail&id=327

See also

* Bandung Metropolitan Area

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